Monday, May 10, 2010

Best Friends......

I think every baby should come with a best friend! (thanks for the cute outfits aunt Muffin!!! I will try to get you a better picture.)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

1st Birthday's

The girls had there 1st birthday on Friday. Here are a few pictures from there little party.
My aunt, uncle and cousins live here in town, it's great having a little family in town.

Yummy food!!

My niece Ashlyn calls the girls RyKenzies, so that is there nickname now, she is so cute she is only two and she called and sang them happy birthday. It was adorable.

Birthday Girls!!

Singing happy birthday and yes we had to sing it twice!

This is there new favorite toy, they don't know how to push the button to make it go yet but they love to make mom push it for them. We went up and down the hall a hundred times yesterday, they would scream if I stopped.

They have to take turns who is the driver or else they will push each other off. ( They are ready to go for a ride with grandpa Ralph!!)

We love these little girls so much. We have truly been blessed this past year having them in our lives. They are such happy and fun little girls.