Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas week 2010

Christmas this year was wondereful, my parents, michelle and grandma came down. We had so much fun. It was real sad to say good bye.

We went to Denver and kenzi loved the horses and she can say horse now really well. She would laugh and get all excited when she saw one walking down the street it was so cute.

David and Michelle could not resist.

Kenzi was attached to Grandma the whole time she was here, when she got up this morning she looked for her and could not find her we were both pretty sad.
Rylee was not to sure of grandpa for a while but by the end they were good buddies.

Ry cuddled up in my new snuggie

The girls new slide. Rylee loved it she has no fear.

Opening presents

Kenzi looking at me like watcha ya gonna do mom, grandma said we could!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Merry Christmas From The Family

My sister called and dedicated this song to me you will see why!!!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

David's work

Here are some pictures of what David has been working on lately. He is loving his job.

PS. the girls new found hobby!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving week

David and I decided to stay home for Thanksgiving this year, I was a little bummed because all my family was going to be together and all of his family was going to be together and I have not been home for a Thanksgiving in 3 years. In the mean time of me feeling bummed my brother Kevin decided they were going to come see us for the week, and made it all better!!!
It was so much fun, here is David with baby Trey. My new adorable nephew.

I took them to the Olympic training center. The elevation here is 6200 Ft so it is a great place for athletes to train.

Me, getting cuddles from Trey and Ry (Ry was not to fond of me holding another baby).

Suzi getting cuddles from the twiners

This was obviously taken when the BSU score was 24-7, We were still happy and smiling:(
(it's root beer in the bottle but I am pretty sure after the game he was wishing it was something a little stronger!)

I had to take my brother to the stadium (I am obviously not a cheer leader)

A picture of Rylee just because I think she is adorable (My sister in law makes and sells these cute hats, FYI)

Kenzi dressed all girly, but showing her true side!