Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The same but yet so different.

I never had the twins tested to see if they were identical the first ultra sound lady said they were then the other two said they could be or could not be because they are in separate sacs but I only had one placenta so that means it can be either. I know really confusing but I have decided that when people ask me I am going to say they are identical, mainly because I am tired of giving the whole spill that pretty much I have just bored you all with. Any ways if they are identical which means they come from the same egg and it splits means that they also have the same DNA. Which is crazy because they are the same but yet they are so different. I have posted a video of them below that will show just how really different they are personality wise, however keep in mind that kenzi on the left is teething so she is not as smiley as normal.

Here are some differences that I have seen

Kenzi was the bigger one when she was born when I say bigger she was still a small baby weighing five pounds. But Kenzi seems to be the leader of the two and take on the big sister role. She has done everything before Rylee from rolling over, to sitting up, to now crawling, and saying mama dada babab etc. Rylee on the other hand watches her sister and usually anywhere from a couple weeks to a month will start to do the same things. However we were really excited because Rylee finally got to be first at something and that was getting her first tooth. and about 3 weeks later (now) Kenzi has been getting her first tooth. Kenzi really has had a hard time with it she has had a cold, fever, now the runs really bad, sorry if that is a little tmi for some of you! Rylee had no problems with teething so far (knock on wood). Kenzi is much more calm and really usually a happy baby she also can be a flirt. Rylee on the other hand I like to refer to her as my little fire cracker she is the clown, loves attention and has a lot of energy but also can have a little more attitude than her sister . Also eating wise Kenzi is a great eater she will eat just about anything that I give to her, Rylee on the other hand is very picky and stubborn about eating (much like her dad). She loves bananas but refuses to touch them for some reason, I am guessing the mushy texture but who knows. Over all I can say that I love having twins, it is so fun to watch them interact and see the difference in personalities.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Dave and I are counting down the days until the girls go to nursery, walking the halls for three straight hours gets pretty old. Unfortunately we still have 8 months of it. But here are some cute pictures of the girls mostly for grandma's and grandpa's because they live 11-13 hours away.

I think they look exactly alike in this picture.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dave I am so glad that 27 years ago(tomorrow) you were born, I love you for so many reasons here are just a few,

I love that you love me more than anything and you tell me everyday.
I love that you are the most honest person I have ever met.
I love you work so hard for our family and want us to have the best.
I love you that the first thing you do when you get home from work is give me a big kiss!

I love that you work so hard
I love that you always make sure that I am happy
I love that at night you let me put my cold feet on your back
I love how you love your little girls so much
I love that when I was in the hospital with the twins the nurse said to me " you are a lucky women, your husband loves you so much, I can tell by the way he looks at you." I love that other people can even see this.

I love that our daughters look so much like you they are beautiful.
I love the way you love your family and my family
I love the good advice you give to me when I come to you with a problem, and wen I am being a dumb girl you let me know!
I love that you wanted a better job to support our family so you pursued that and went back to school
I love that you support me being a stay at home mom, I love my job!
I love it when we have slumber parties on the floor and watch movies all night.
I love that you have the priesthood and honor your priesthood
I love that our girls get so happy when daddy comes home
I love that you make me get up with you every morning to give you a kiss good bye.

I love that you learned to play golf because you new how much i liked, it I love playing with you
I love to spend time with you, I wish you were retired already!
I love that you are my very best Friend
I love that we tell each other 10 times a day that we love each other those words never get old to hear.
I love that we can tease each other but still love each other so much
I love that you are willing to help anybody when they need it.
I love that you get along with my sister, brother and parents that was one of the most important thing when looking for my spouse and you passed!

I love that you turned your life around and never want to go back to your past
I love that every time we have family prayers you only pray for others and tell the Lord how grateful you are for what you have.
I love that you are the most loyal person and friend I know
I love that when we wrestle you don't go easy on me you know that I have brothers and can handle it!!!

I love that you love our girls so much

I love that you are such a kind person and do not like to see others in pain.

I love that you look for the positive in others and never judge.

I love that you will do anything to make me happy

I love that no matter what store I send you to the girls always come back with another toy you love them so much.

I love that you love your daughters so much, you give them so much attention, you always put us first.

I love that you always give 100% at your job.

I love that at night before you go to bed you have to go see your girls you look at them with so much love.

I love that you always can make me laugh, you are hilarious


Monday, March 1, 2010


This is how I found the girls during nap time. Too cute!