Sunday, March 14, 2010


Dave and I are counting down the days until the girls go to nursery, walking the halls for three straight hours gets pretty old. Unfortunately we still have 8 months of it. But here are some cute pictures of the girls mostly for grandma's and grandpa's because they live 11-13 hours away.

I think they look exactly alike in this picture.


Lori Killian said...

they are so beautiful. And I LOVE their dresses. Where did you get them?

Annette said...


Lori Killian said...

Dear Steph,

Are you going to move back to Idaho soon? I really hope so. I miss you.

Oh, and we really should move to Arizona too. Kurt said that we can move in 3 years when he is done with school. Does that work out for you guys?

Sincerely, Lori

Bree said...

Oh my goodness--look at those cuties!! They have sure grown a ton since I ran into you in Walmart in Meridian last summer!! hahaha! Hope things are going great!

Amanda said...

Look how stinkin beautiful those girls are! I can't believe it!

Okay yes I can believe it but still they are so gorgeous!