Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Growing up

I am loving this new stage of life. They are a little more independent and becoming so fun. I loved the baby stage but this stage is even better. They follow me around the house like mother goose Rylee is not as fast of a crawler as Kenzi so she is always behind. the poor girl gets so frustrated, she usually will roll on her back and scream for me to come pick her up. I can not believe that they are almost 1 it is scary and kind of sad to think of how fast they are growing up.
Here is Kenzi climbing on the dish washer door!
Rylee got stuck under the chair (I love this face she is making.)



Rylee again

Kenzi again

Sunday, April 11, 2010

So it begins............

Just a couple weeks ago I could not wait for the girls to start crawling, what was I thinking! They are little busy bodies, getting into everything.
They are not afraid of the vacuum, instead when i turn it on they can not leave it alone.
I end up folding the laundry 2,3,4 times.

I Can't be doing dishes without my little helpers!!!

They do not care who is in there way they will plow right over you if your in there way.

Friday, April 2, 2010

I had the best week ever, My mom, sister and Grandma we call her "great" all came to Colorado Springs to visit. We had tons of fun, we were out and about everyday which is just what I needed.

My sister is amazing we have so much fun together, we pretty much spend most of the time laughing together. Growing up we were never really close she is nine years older than me and I was the annoying younger sister. Now we are the best of friends, I miss her!
Mom, Michelle, Uncle Don, and Cuz DJ. In a random castle that a guy and his dad have been building for years. They are anti government and refuse to pay taxes on it. They have funny signs up all around the place. When the IRS come they come out with shot guns.

Great and David, David is picking my 85 year old grandma up he is the only person that can get away with this. He also slaps her butt and tells her that she still has it!!

We spent one day in Denver, it is only 1 hour from us.

Mom and Michelle at Denver Broncos stadium. Our family loves Boise State Broncos and Denver Broncos.

The girls in front of John Elway, He is a legend in our family. I think my brothers cried when he retired!!

The girls loved having Grandma and aunt here. They were so good and happy wherever we took them.

Here is another picture of the castle.

DJ and I climbing to the top. It is Scarier than it looks!!
One of Steven Tylers ridiculously large houses, here in the springs.

Pikes Peak, this is the view we get to look at everyday. It is gorgeous here.

Thanks for coming to see us, We miss you already!

Girls Playing