Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Growing up

I am loving this new stage of life. They are a little more independent and becoming so fun. I loved the baby stage but this stage is even better. They follow me around the house like mother goose Rylee is not as fast of a crawler as Kenzi so she is always behind. the poor girl gets so frustrated, she usually will roll on her back and scream for me to come pick her up. I can not believe that they are almost 1 it is scary and kind of sad to think of how fast they are growing up.
Here is Kenzi climbing on the dish washer door!
Rylee got stuck under the chair (I love this face she is making.)



Rylee again

Kenzi again


Annette said...

Thanks for posting more pictures. I love them. They are so cute.

Bree said...

Oh my goodness they are such cuties!! Sounds like they'd get along great with my Emery! It does go by SO fast, huh!!

Lori Killian said...


Why do babies grow so fast? It is sad. But I also am loving all the new stages Brooklyn is going through. At first I didn't want her to crawl cause then I would be chasing her everywhere but now I can't wait. Plus she is getting too heavy to carry everywhere...

Sincerely, Lori

Ralph and Annette Perez said...

Oh Yeah!!! Excellent post! We love you kids.