Sunday, April 11, 2010

So it begins............

Just a couple weeks ago I could not wait for the girls to start crawling, what was I thinking! They are little busy bodies, getting into everything.
They are not afraid of the vacuum, instead when i turn it on they can not leave it alone.
I end up folding the laundry 2,3,4 times.

I Can't be doing dishes without my little helpers!!!

They do not care who is in there way they will plow right over you if your in there way.


Amanda said...

Okay this has to stop. I wont lie, my eyes got teary looking at this post. I want you close to me! I hate that I haven't seen you all in so long. They are so precious!

Jeff, Traci and Kaden said...

Haha! Kaden is so in love with the vacuum it drives me nuts. I have to hide it. I can't imagine having TWO kiddos obsessed with it! Your days must have lots of laughter :D

Annette said...

They are just too cute. We miss them so much.