Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer 2012 (june)

I am starting to blog again mostly for David because he is working in Colorado and likes to see what his girls are up to. Here is pictures from  clear back in June.

We became a Minivan family,  I sold the ol' G6 and got me this beauty.  David swore that we would never drive a minivan I won this battle, but only because we got it for so cheap.  David and I have not always been great with money  but we took a Dave Ramsey course and have changed our thinking.  Some days it flat out sucks being cheap but when you are able to pay cash for a vehicle it makes it "o" so worth it.  I wish we would have taken the course when we were first married and did things a little different but you live and learn, right?

We bought the van from my parents neighbor and were able to spend some time in Middleton.  

                                              Of course we had to see Breanna and her sweet girls I miss them!

We have been living with David in the trailer pretty much since October so we basically lived at the park in Nephi.
Little kenz climbing like her daddy!!

David had a Lineman Rodeo we were able to ride in the crane.  Rylee was all about it.

Kenzi was a little unsure but ended up loving it once she got up there.

He really is an amazing Dad. He is so good to the girls he would do anything for them even if that means working 13 hours away from them so we can and have a better future.  I know it  kills him to not seeing his girls everyday, we sure love him.    (Little sappy I know I just really miss the guy!!)

The crane from the ground up

David teaching the girls how to hold the club right.  They are getting pretty good already!!

We met up with my parents in salt lake at my brothers house and watched a parade.

The girls with their cousin Cody.

Rylee was all about the parade she loves any attention she can get.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Life on the road

We bought this trailer back in October because David could not stand living out of nasty drug infested hotels any longer. We thought he would be the only one living in the trailer and that we would come stay with him from time to time while he is traveling. I told David to not get a big trailer because it was just for him, man do I regret those words!! We came down to Utah to stay with him just for a week and that turned into a month. We decided that living in a "TINY" space was much better for us than living apart, What can I say the girls and I kinda like Dave!! I didn't think I would like it but it really isn't that bad. Here is our first house "on wheels".

Right now we are living in a little country town in Utah, I forgot how much I liked small towns. We were in Colorado springs and Salt lake before this and this small town is by far my favorite. I love that it only has one grocery store and I already know some of the cashiers by name. Everyone is so friendly, and I just love it. The picture below is right outside our trailer I could totally live out there the hard part is convincing the husband!!

What do we do for fun? About everyday the girls and I go for a drive and see the cows and horses (not Joking). They love it, okay and so do I!!! Until I was about 10 I grew up in the country we had cows, chickens, a pig at one time, dogs etc. I was always the animal lover in the family and would try bringing stray animals home. The girls hang out the window yelling at the cows and horses to come play it's pretty dang cute. I use this as ammuntion to talk Dave into living in the country his little girls have him wrapped around his finger!!!

(whoever lives here probably thinks we are crazy stalkers)

When it is nice they have a little park here and the girls love to swing. They laugh and laugh the entire time they are on the swings.

The girls are growing up so fast in just a couple of months they will be three. They both have so much personality that it makes everyday so much fun. The picture below is one of my favorites because it explains them well. Kenzi is the oldest (by 2 minutes) and plays the oldest child role. She is always taking care of Rylee and she's in charge . Rylee is a little more the younger child role "somebody will do it for her", she is also a little more adventurous than her sister. They are my little besties and I couldn't imagine not having them, I love em'!!