Saturday, February 27, 2010

Easy and Cheap!!

I Found this project on another blog and I think it turned out really good. The best part is that was cheap and I am all about that! All you do is print any pictures you want on tissue paper then glue iton canvas with Mod Podge . It looks just as good as a printed picture on canvas but much cheaper.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Almost Ten months

It is hard to imagine that the twins where ever this small, when the were born they weighed 3 and 5 lbs. We finally got them to the doctor today, she said they are doing great which is always nice for a mommy to hear!! They are growing and doing what they should be for there age.

Rylee weighs 14 Lbs 13 oz. 1%
Height 26 1/2 in 9%
Head 43 1/2 cm 19%

Kenzington Weighs 15Lbs12 oz 1%
Height 27 1/2 in 31%
Head 43 1/2 cm 25%

Kenzi 5 lbs

Rylee 3 lbs

Here they are at nine months, time flies. (Maybe it's because the first 5 months of there lives went by in a sleepless blur!!)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I am back to the world of blogging. The last year has been crazy for our little family. Since my girls have been born we have lived in three different states. When David finished his schooling we were desperate to find a job, ( we went from being a double income no kid family to a double kids no income family) so we decided that David would take the first job that came up which turned out to be in North Carolina. David left right away and went out to work. A month later the girls and I went out to join him. The East coast is a lot different than the West, we learned quickly, however it was beautiful there. We were able to take a couple trips to the ocean one being Myrtle beach it was a blast. We lived in a furnished apartment that was one bedroom not fun considering we had two babies, but we made it work. A month later David got a call from the Union for a job in Colorado springs, we decided to jump on it and we put what we had in the back of David's truck and drove across the country to Colorado. We are grateful that David got this job, it pays well and so far he has stayed busy.
David has a lot of faith and I know that it is because of him that he is working, when we were desperate looking for a job David was talking to one of his buddies who was going to a interview for a job so David told him that he would pray for him. As soon as David got off the phone he went in the other room and prayed that is buddy would get the job that he was applying for. The next day the same guy called David and told him that he had a job offer and was not going to take it and gave them David's information. Within the next week David had a job. It amazes me how the Lord works. We have been so blessed!
As for the girls they are doing great, they are always happy and make us laugh everyday, they are 9 months old. Growing and developing perfectly. They are not crawling yet which I am perfectly okay with. I am in big trouble once they start moving I can tell already!!