Monday, February 22, 2010

Almost Ten months

It is hard to imagine that the twins where ever this small, when the were born they weighed 3 and 5 lbs. We finally got them to the doctor today, she said they are doing great which is always nice for a mommy to hear!! They are growing and doing what they should be for there age.

Rylee weighs 14 Lbs 13 oz. 1%
Height 26 1/2 in 9%
Head 43 1/2 cm 19%

Kenzington Weighs 15Lbs12 oz 1%
Height 27 1/2 in 31%
Head 43 1/2 cm 25%

Kenzi 5 lbs

Rylee 3 lbs

Here they are at nine months, time flies. (Maybe it's because the first 5 months of there lives went by in a sleepless blur!!)


Steph and Dave said...

my computer froze on me!!!

Lori Killian said...

They are adorable. My baby weighs more at 6 months then yours do at 9 months...

Thomas and Marissa said...

When I was born I weighed only 3 pounds less than Kenzington...
They were the smallest little babies I've ever seen, but so adorable. I miss those little girls! They are getting so big and look just like little Perez kiddos!

Suzi Q said...

I can't believe how big they are!! WE loved seeing you. I'll email those pics asap.