Thursday, July 31, 2008

Oregon coast

It was time for Dave and I to take a trip this was our first vacation we have taken together. We went to the Oregon coast for a week with my parents and my sister. David had never seen the Ocean before so I was really excited because it is my favorite place in the world my family has been going there sense I was a baby. This was my favorite trip ever though because my best friend was with me this time!!!! David loved the Ocean as well. For any of you that know my mom she is the best person to travel with because she gets so excited about everything and hates sitting around so we stayed extremely busy all the time, wether it was walking the beaches, crabbing, or my favorite EATING!!!!!!

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Ralph Perez said...

How Cool!!! You kids look like you had a blast. Thanks for taking Davey to the ocean finally. We wanna go!!!