Wednesday, April 15, 2009

8 MONTHS!!!!!!!

Well here I am at eight months along. The babies are still pretty small for where they should be. We just had an ultra sound and found out that Kenzington weighs 5lbs and Rylee only weighs 3lbs. They are monitoring them really close to make sure that they are okay. But so far all is well and we are just trying to keep them inside for as long as possible so they can be strong. Other than that David and I are doing great he starts Lineman school May 4th and is getting excited for that.


Bree said...

Steph--you look GREAT!! Especially for having 2 in there!! :) I love the names you picked! Hopefully little Rylee can put on some more weight before they come! So are you in Boise now? Good luck, can't wait to hear your news and see those sweet little girls! :)

Ralph and Annette Perez said...

I checked with a few folks that are in the med business and they say that it is very common for one twin to be bigger than the other. Seems one is always more of an agressive eater than the other. Keep us all posted and keep them in that oven until done!!!
We Love You Two or rather YOU 4!!!!

Catherine Rawson said...

Steph! Hey there friend! I really wish I couldv'e seen you before I moved outta Rexburg! Anywho, you look fabulous and congrats on the TWINS!!! Thats so crazy! I will be praying that they stay in there till they're ready. Just know that even if they're small, they will be okay. Its not the size that matters so much as it is how far along they are gestationally that usually determines their health. Where are you delivering? I volunteered at EIRMC in their NICU so I know some people. Anyway, good luck and if you have any questions or worries feel free to ask someone whos had a little one herself. :)