Thursday, August 19, 2010

Trip home

In July I made a trip home so I could see my friend get married and to see the family. Luckily I was able to see all of them. However traveling with two sick teething babies and no David was not an easy thing, but I am still alive!

Our first stop was to Brad and Julia's we stayed at there house for the night in Utah then went and stayed with Kevin and suzi for the next two nights. The girls are taking a ride with cousins stirfry and Jackson (by the way they just found out they are going to have a little sister). YAY!!! We need more girls!

All the grand kids at temple square. Lets just say I have no idea how we did not get kicked out nor made it out with all the kids alive.

As you can see Grandma was in charge! Like I said I have no idea how we did not get kicked off temple square!

The boys riding down a steep hill. No broken bones this time.
My adorable fam doing what we do best EATING!!

Most of the family went to Lagoon but I stayed back with the two pregos and the Kiddos

Our next stop was Idaho falls to see the Perez cousins.

After Idaho falls we went and stayed with Greg and kitty for the night in Twin Falls. Growing up Kitty was my second mom so I have missed staying with them, it has been way to long!

The main reason I went home. The beautiful bride and groom.

The bride and I

I love how rylee is sitting in this picture. Like a little princess!!

Kenzi so cute. My sister was in china so I did't think we were going to see her but she made a special trip to my moms just to see us, okay maybe the girls.

And the last stop was my sister-n-law's bridal shower in Utah on our way back home.

We stayed with kevin and Suzi again, this is 3 days before she had baby Trey. I just missed him and it is killing me not being able to meet the little guy!

My best friend Amanda came over and saw us. Miss her!
And finally after six stops it was time to go back home!

PS. Remember the last post when I said we need a puppy I lied, because last night after giving the girls a bath both babies went the opposite direction before i could get diapers on them, and of course peed on the floor. So i decided the pet store is good enough!

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Thomas and Marissa said...

I'm a proud aunt. I have the cutest nieces EVER! I miss them! Can't wait to see them. I tried convincing Tom he needed to send me to Colorado Springs for my birthday, but he hasn't gotten a plane ticket yet! :)