Thursday, June 23, 2011

our summer so far

This summer we have been trying to keep busy while David is working out of town. We spent a day at roaring springs water park. We all had a blast!!

Rylee loved all the slides!!!
Kitty and Rylee going down.

Kenzi just relaxing in the water.

The girls were so worn out they fell asleep in the lazy river.

Kenzi was loving life all day!

We sat a pool up for the girls and this is how Rylee would get out.

Swimming with cousin Ellory.

Hanging with dad

We spent a week at the Cabin Kenzi is watching us sew.

All the toddlers just hanging out.

They did some dancing on the table.

Kenzi was real happy to take this picture with me!!

Once again telling me NNNOOOOO picture mom!

Rylee feeding the fish.

Kenzi and Cody play air hockey.

We put in a Garden at Michelle's house with the help of my parents.

The girls watching everybody work.

The have learned to climb on everything. I get one off the counter I turn around and the other one will be on the table and by the time I get her down the other one will be back on the counter. I get a work out for sure!!

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