Friday, June 25, 2010

Fun with DAD!!

David has had the last two days off from work so we have had a fun couple of days! The girls love it when there dad is home. I know every body says this but he really is the best dad.
The first day we went to the water park down town the girls actually really liked it they would walk right up and touch it. ( Made me a proud mamma no sissy's in this house!!!!)

The Rykenzies thinking if they should go in
And evenually they did.
Then yesterday we went to the zoo but I left the camera in the car. It was a really fun Zoo, they let you feed and pet the giraffes. Here are a couple pictures of the girls after the Zoo in there new outfits that of course there dad had to get for them!

Rylee the little happy giraffe

Kenzi is the tiger, it fits her perfectly she is a growler!!

Kenzi walking with her dad
And this is my favorite they have tails on them.
And ending the day off with some wrestling time with DAD



So fun!! They are so darling! They look so much like your husband! Which zoo did you guys go to? While we were in Colorado with Eric I was wanting to go to the Denver zoo so badly but we didn't make it! =(

Bree said...

Haha! I love the tails on the back of those onesies!! So cute!! Glad things are going well!!