Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rescent Happenings

I have been replaced!! This is David's new baby he is either messing around with it, watching hunting videos or trying to talk me into hunting with him, he has even offered to get me a pink bow. Don't get me wrong I am no Obama lover but I could never shoot an animal. I am sure if I would allow it the bow would sleep with us at night. I am glad my husband has found a new hobby however I can't pretend anymore that I think it is the coolest thing ever (no matter how attractive he looks doing it), I am going to have his brother take over that role for me!

Memorial weekend we went to the hot air balloon festival. As you can kind of see there was thousands and thousands of people the girls and I were loving it however my husband not so much I failed to mention to him before we went that they were predicting 100,000 people and that we could watch it on T.V. needless to say I got in a little trouble, OOPS!!

Our neighbor gave David and I tickets to the Rockies game and our good friends offered to watch our girls for us so we could go childless. It was a blast we were only 9 rows from the outfield so the tickets were great.

And the most important happening,the girls are finally walking. YAY!! People keep telling me how busy I am going to be but to be honest I am loving this new stage, it's lots of fun!!

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Ralph Perez said...

I think it's great that he's doing that instead of video games! I love the video of the girls walking