Sunday, October 31, 2010


We started the day off with jumping in the leaves.

Then we made sugar cookies. YUMMY!
The girls loved eating the dough and feeling like they were big kids!

Kids were done, so moms are finishing up the work!

These were the costumes I found for them. They would rip them off every time I tried putting them on. But I thought it fit them perfectly!

"waz up momma"

Luckily David's grandma sent them these adorable costumes.
Rylee is Snow White,she loved the dress.
Kenzi is Cinderella, she screamed when I put it on her, she is much less girly then her sister.
This is her after she realized she got candy for wearing it.

Rylee again


Bree said...

So cute Steph!

Suzi Q said...

OH my heck. Those best friend hearts were AWESOME.

Thomas and Marissa said...

Aw, so cute. Thanks for the update!

Scott and Gabby said...

Cuties! Looks like you guys at a great halloween ;)

Annette said...

They are just too cute and getting so grown up. We miss you all.

Megan Sorenson said...

Oh my goodness, I love the Best Friends thing, that was awesome!!! Such cute little girls! Love you Steph!

Ralph Perez said...

They are so cute and FUNNY! My gosh, their personalities are so different, (why an I surprized???? Just cuz they resemble eachother???!!!)
Great Post!!