Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I am finally unloading the SD Card so here it goes.
First is David's sisters wedding it was beautiful, looked like it came straight from a magazine!
The Bride, BEAUTIFUL!!!
While we were at the wedding we were able to spend a day in Seattle, we went to the aquarium, rode the fairy and walked around pikes place.
The girls were in love with the Jellyfish.

Seattle from the fairy

Grandpa Ralph and the girls.

All the Perez cousins together.

Pikes place

David and his buddy dreaming about hunting! (They can't go this year because out of state tags are way to expensive and the wives said not a chance.)

I love the fall so I was attempting to get some pictures of the girls, but between the squirrels, dogs and river it didn't turn out so well! Here are a few.
Rylee is not to happy about taking pictures can you tell!!

One of Kenzi's faces, she is the queen of goofy faces.

Rylee saying forget you mom I'm out'a here!

The dog!

Kenzington trying to get the squirrel to come down.


Thomas and Marissa said...

I miss them! I had so many compliments on all my adorable nieces and nephew!

Scott and Gabby said...

Steph your girls are getting soooooooooo big ;) We miss you guys. Please be sure to let us know next time you come to Idaho Falls! Wish we could have gone to the wedding and seen you guys! Let Dave know our Sealing is the 30 of this month :)

Ralph Perez said...

I love these little creatures! They are beautiful and it is so fun to watch them come into their own! Davey looks good in his Camo gear. Wish he were here